Hoarding houses cleaning in Cheshire: Nova Clean

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hoarding disorder cleanup cheshire chesterCleaning the home of a person suffering from hoarding disorder is extremely important. However, it must be done properly and with respect for the person concerned. Nova Clean provides hoarder cleaning services in Cheshire, disinfection and clearing out ouf hoarding houses. We do:

Ridding the home of unnecessary objects: the first step in cleaning
Getting rid of unnecessary objects is often the first step in cleaning the home of someone suffering from compulsive hoarding. This crucial step can be unpleasant and is often carried out by companies specialising in difficult cleaning jobs.

People with hoarding disorder can be very attached to their accumulated possessions, even the most useless and insignificant ones. It is therefore important that the person is taken care of at the time of cleaning, or agrees to do so.


hoarding disorder cleaning cheshire chesterDisinfecting the house or flat: a hoarding house imperative
Once the house has been cleared of all the clutter, cleaning is finally possible. This involves cleaning from top to bottom and polishing every corner of every room. The dirt can be extreme, so cleaning is often tedious, but it gives a second life to a place that has been affected by diogenes.

Disinfection is also very often carried out to ensure that germs of all kinds are eliminated from the home.