Smoke damage cleaning services in Cheshire: Nova Clean

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cleaning after fire smoke damage cheshire chesterTo limit the damage after a fire, decontaminate your building or technical production equipment as quickly as possible. Whether it's a simple smouldering incident or a serious fire, post-disaster decontamination is essential. Nova Clean offers smoka and fire damage cleaning services in Cheshire and area.

Depending on the severity of the incident, yellowing, chlorinated or toxic soot is likely to be deposited on your buildings and equipment, causing corrosion, breakdowns and random malfunctions.

We develop decontamination processes to save your equipment and restore your productivity in order to limit operating losses.

Nova Clean, we develop advanced and effective techniques to ensure decontamination after a fire. Our work includes precautionary measures to limit damage to your damaged premises while we develop a technical offer tailored to your disaster and production issues.


fire smoke damage cleaning cheshire chesterNova Clean puts a team of qualified engineers and technicians at your disposal and studies a specific operating procedure for each intervention. After a diagnosis, a contamination map is drawn up in order to study tailor-made solutions.

As part of our work, we implement emergency measures to secure the building and work equipment. We then decontaminate your building and equipment, getting rid of any soot deposits. To this end, we clean up after a fire by scrubbing, manual washing, mechanical cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, low-pressure cleaning and thermal cleaning using specific products.