Flood damage restoration in Cheshire

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cleaning after water flood damage cheshire chesterAfter water damage, there is a risk that damage will continue if it is not dealt with quickly. Mould and the beginnings of corrosion on production equipment or electrical and electronic switchgear can lead to malfunctions. Nova Clean provides water damage restoration in Cheshire and flood damage restoration services.

To remedy the situation as a matter of urgency, we draw up conservation measures to protect the unaffected parts. We then assess the extent of the damage, depending on the materials and equipment to be dried out.

Nova Clean determines exactly what type of drying needs to be carried out to preserve the integrity of the building and its equipment. Whatever the extent of the damage, we deploy all our resources to your site to carry out the technical clean-up.

water flood damage cleaning cheshire chesterNova Clean uses a number of techniques to carry out the clean-up: pumping out the water, securing the equipment, setting up technical dewatering, installing devices to recover polluted effluents, etc. Using these techniques, we remove the water and mud and install tarpaulins to protect the equipment.

Our teams will offer you technical drying to deal with problems caused by damp. This is an important step, as it prevents the proliferation of bacteria and the deterioration of your property. We finish with a fungicidal and bactericidal treatment of all the affected surfaces.